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    Dungeon Sniping Tutorial (Raises Archery and Sneak)

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    Dungeon Sniping Tutorial (Raises Archery and Sneak) Empty Dungeon Sniping Tutorial (Raises Archery and Sneak)

    Post by DarkZX on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:03 am

    Sniping Tutorial
    Written by DarkZX

    Goal of Sniping: To raid entire dungeons without being detected while simultaneously raising your archery and sneak skills.


    Archery Skill 30: (I recommend at least having 40)
    Sneak Skill 25: (I recommend at least having 30)
    Bow of any kind.
    Arrows of any kind.

    Things To Watch Out For When Sniping:

    1. Keep track of the distance you are from your target. Make sure that you are a far away enough distance so that you can quickly back up behind a wall or corner and remained crouched to avoid detection.
    2. Your current sneak skill, you might need to level up your sneak skill to greater levels in order to begin sniping (my sneak was around level 27 when I started sniping)
    3. Keep in mind that some dungeons require that you have to get close in order to hit them, simply sneak around them until you can find a place that you can run and hide to while sniping. This might require that you get a higher sneak skill. An example of such a place would be the Silver Hand base that you raid with Aela when you become a Werewolf.
    4. If it's too tight to run away, don't attempt to repeatedly snipe, simply get one good shot in on the most powerful unit there, then switch to your main open combat weapons.
    5. If the enemy is getting towards you more and the enemies eye is opening more, just either stop moving or hold the "shift" key. This takes advantage of the silence factor, and makes it more likely that you might be able to stay undetected.

    Step By Step on How To Snipe:

    1. Equip whatever type of bow you are using, also equip your strongest arrow available.
    2. Enter the dungeon in sneak mode, and ALWAYS STAY IN SNEAK MODE. Do not exit sneak mode unless you are completely detected.
    3. Walk through the dungeon crouched until you reach an enemy, make sure you slow down your sneak movement at each corner by holding the "shift" key while you walk. Just in case there is an enemy around that corner.
    4. Get in a position where you can move out of sight while staying in sneak mode.
    5. Draw your bow and hit your enemy, no matter if you kill your enemy or not, run to your designated hiding spot, just in case another enemy notices and comes to investigate.
    6. If there are still more enemies or the enemy you are trying to kill requires more hits, continue following the pattern in step 5 until all of them in the room are dead.
    7. Proceed to the next room in the dungeon.
    8. When you have finished the dungeon, most likely you will have increased those skills quite a bit, and maybe leveled up, depending on how many enemies were in the dungeon.


    Dungeon Sniping Tutorial (Raises Archery and Sneak) Newnarutocopy

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    Dungeon Sniping Tutorial (Raises Archery and Sneak) Empty Re: Dungeon Sniping Tutorial (Raises Archery and Sneak)

    Post by DOVAHJOVAH on Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:45 pm

    Thanks for the information, I was just trying to get my archery up a little

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