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    Staff Application Form


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    Staff Application Form Empty Staff Application Form

    Post by GriMw0lf on Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:42 pm

    Welcome. Check here if you wish to join the staff, we will update regularly when we need new staff members.

    Send me your application form if you wish to join.
    Know what if you do not meet these requirements and simply try to join because you think you are "Awesome and amazing and perfect" you will be permanently disqualified from being a staff member.

    And sending "Spam" application forms or "Troll" application forms will result in a ban lasting between 1 and 4 weeks. This is for people who seriously want to help the forum, it is not for your amusement or personal selfish egotistical needs.

    Head Administrator DarkZX
    Co-Founder GriMw0lf
    Administrator Jex

    Not hiring.


    Graphics artists:

    Guide creators:

    Rules to submit application to be a mod:

    1. You MUST be in the top 20 posters of the forum. We want, and need active members. If you're not a regular, you have no business being a moderator.

    2. You MUST have been a member of the forum for a minimum of a month.

    3. We will check most of your posts, don't think we won't. If you aren't helpful, or if you're just spamming we won't accept you obviously.

    4. You must be generally liked by the community. So don't be an asshole. If the users don't like you, they won't respect you, if they don't respect you then you can't enforce the rules.

    Rules to submit application to be a graphics artist:

    1. Must have at least one graphics tutorial on the forum.

    2. Must have multiple of your graphics posted on the forum for us to view, send us a link.

    3. Must have been a member for at least a month.

    Rules to submit application to make official guides, and moderate guides:

    1. Must have guides worthy of being considered official guides.

    2. Must be active. If someone submits a guide, you have to be there to accept, or deny it.

    3. As a guide creator, you pretty much moderate the guides section. We need good helpful content. You must have submitted at least one guide.

    4. Must have been a member for at least 2 weeks.

    Application form:


    Real name:
    About you:
    Position you wish to have:
    Why do you want that position:
    (Graphic artist/guide mod only) Link('s) to your work:
    Time zone and when are you available?:
    Staff experience?:
    Why do you think we should accept you as staff:
    Anything else?:

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