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    Design the Skyline - Nevaeh [Album Review]

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    Design the Skyline - Nevaeh [Album Review] Empty Design the Skyline - Nevaeh [Album Review]

    Post by DarkZX on Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:58 am

    Nevaeh by Design the Skyline

    Album Artwork:
    Design the Skyline - Nevaeh [Album Review] 9ca03062d39473071edd848b2cb02bac

    Reviewed by DarkZX on August 31st 2011

    Album Release Date: August 16th 2011

    Genre - Experimental Metal / Deathcore / Mathcore / Post - Hardcore / Classical / Hardcore

    Music Staff:

    Design the Skyline

    John Martian - drums
    Matt Ryan - lead guitar, programming
    James "Keebler" Lemos - keyboards, programming
    Julian "Julian Reckless" Ibaniez - rhythm guitar
    Ethan White - bass guitar, clean vocals
    Daniel "Dani Doom" Garza - vocals
    Eric Azure - vocals


    Produced by Robert Beltran

    Introduction: BlackDestinyX already reviewed this album, but I felt the need to make another review, this band deserves a lot more attention as they are one of the most underrated bands in music at the moment. This band has an undeserved negative reputation. Earlier this year, they released a controversial song called "Surrounded by Silence". The sudden change in time signatures was the reason it got such a negative reception, along with the bands appearance. In actuality, the band can play their instruments well, the screams and vocals are good. I however myself did not enjoy the EP song. When I found out their new album would not include "Surrounded by Silence" and that they changed their sound, I was slightly doubtful. I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this album. It was definitely a hit / miss album. But some moments truly shine and make this an album worth listening to. So I ask, come into this album with an open mind, and stay away from "Surrounded by Silence" they are far better now.

    Song Titles:

    No. Title Length
    1. "Crystal Swords Kill the Hordes" 5:00
    2. "Reality Away" 3:00
    3. "Destroyer" 3:27
    4. "Cybernetic Starflower" 2:41
    5. "Break Free from Your Life" 3:01
    6. "Reverie" (instrumental) 3:11
    7. "Witch of the Woods" 2:48
    8. "Free for Infinity" (instrumental) 1:45
    9. "Under the Blood Driven Moon" 2:20
    10. "Nevaeh" (instrumental) 3:26

    Track 1: Crystal Swords Kill the Hordes:
    The longest song on the record is the first song? That's new. However, this song is a good one, ambient sword fighting sounds in the beginning, dissolve into an intense breakdown with some of Dani's memorable lows. Throughout this song they are constantly experimenting with new ideas. Whether it be off-key guitar solos to unique time signatures, probably the best part of this song is the clean vocal / keyboard solo. The song loses a bit of its pacing after the solo, but other than that, pretty good.

    Track Rating: 8.3/10 (Very Good)

    Track 2: Reality Away:
    The band members claimed that Led Zeppelin was one of the influences for the sound structure in this album, you can tell due to the guitar style shortly after the drum solo in the beginning of the song. They also tried a more melodic clean vocal style, but my main emphasis is to the drums. John really tears away with double base pedals and fast licks. Major props. However, I felt the song lagged a little in terms of instrumentals not including the drums.

    Track Rating: 7.3/10 (Good)

    Track 3: Destroyer:
    Immediately kicks off with a gripping drum beat combined with the guitar, this song has the most death-core influence on the entire album. It also has one of the best solo's on the album. The synchronization of the guitar and drums are the best on the whole album. The solo kicks in and shows just what Julian can do on the guitar, during the solo there are also some background chorus vocals giving the track an eerie atmospheric feeling. Highly recommended.

    Track Rating: 8.9/10 (Very Good)

    Track 4: Cybernetic Starflower:
    A great song with an amazing build up leading to one of the catchiest breakdowns I have heard in any of the "core" genres. I felt that if this song was longer, they could have done a lot more with it, as after a minute, the song turns into a less pumping version of destroyer, the guitar / keyboard mix solo that they put into this song didn't do it much justice, but was entertaining. The vocals slightly irritated me after the first minute as well. Eric's vocals if I might add, Dani's deep growls were well placed.

    Track Rating: 7.8/10 (Good)

    Track 5: Break Free From Your Life:
    The first 40 seconds... holy damn. That was amazing, that got my blood pumping, the chorus is slightly melodic and relaxing. I enjoyed Eric's screams in this song, I felt that they were well placed, which is odd, because in most of this album his screams seem oddly out of place in comparison to this song. The lyrics in this song are cohesive and well written, also very motivational, I found myself feeling a lot better after listening to this song.

    Track Rating: 7.6/10 (Good)

    Track 6: Reverie:
    A brilliant instrumental prioritizing the guitar and the bass, which were absolutely spectacular, the drums and the background sounds with the keyboard really helped to make this a nice, relaxing listening experience. However, the atmosphere in this song wasn't deep enough for me to fully immerse myself into it. Also, the lack of classical instruments severely disappointed me.

    Track Rating: 7.7/10 (Good)

    Track 7: Witch of the Woods:
    Started off cool, I thought it was going to be another good death-core entry in this album. It was death-core, however it reminded me of "Surrounded by Silence" and I couldn't stand it. This song isn't unique in any way, pass.

    Track Rating: 4.2/10 (Below Average)

    Track 8: Free for Infinity:
    A technical instrumental, mostly featuring the keyboard with some techno effects. Just plain boring, it's been done a million times. Pass once again.

    Track Rating: 4.8/10 (Below Average)

    Track 9: Under The Blood Driven Moon:
    Best build up on the album hands down. While it may be one of the shortest songs on the album, this is one of the few songs where both the vocalists together are the highlight, along with the blistering guitar that synchronizes with their voices. This song will pump you up and leave you wanting more. The drums about 45 or so seconds before the end are just brilliant. I just wish it was longer.

    Track Rating: 8.2/10 (Very Good)

    Track 10: Nevaeh:
    Wasn't expecting a song like this. What a beautiful instrumental song. Relaxing, it starts out with some soothing guitar, which is nice at first. But then silence, and it goes into the more relaxing guitar, followed by beautiful violin, this is just one of those songs that you can listen to right before you go to bed. They make you feel relaxed, happy, peaceful and tranquil. I hope they release more songs like this in their future works, if they do, I will support their band even more. I hope they keep up the great work. I especially love the violin style used in this song in conjunction with the guitar. The faint fading keyboard and space effects are really relaxing as well. If you are only going to check out one song from this album, have it be this song. You won't regret it.

    Track Rating: 9.7/10 (Absolutely Amazing)

    Overall Album Rating:
    7.45/10 (Good)

    Final Words:
    A group of original, talented guys that need a lot more positive attention. I feel if they get this positive attention, then they can truly improve and become a very melodic, atmospheric and inspirational band.

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