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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 6

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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 6 Empty Wings of Darkness Chapter 6

    Post by DarkZX on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:26 pm

    Chapter 6: Ugh, Demons

    After Mijuku joined the team, they start to head to a cave thats rumored to be near the top of the mountain.

    Myou Sangai: *looks at a rock on the ground* .... how many organisims must have tried to come up here and failed, i wonder what will catagorize our destinies.

    Nenshou Iyoku: Myou.... its a rock.

    Mijuku Raikou: Dude chillax off him man, hes just glad that he was just released.

    Nenshou Iyoku: Released?

    Kaika Kyohaku: It probably means when Nenshou created him.... wait how did you create him.

    Nenshou Iyoku: I found the serum in the museum and added a little hydrogen pyroxide to it, then my room got messed up and then before my eyes i saw an Angel of Darkness going through all my stuff.

    Kaika Kyohaku: Like your girls gone wild DVD's -_-.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ..... i hate you all

    Narrator: They continue to argue until they reach a flat plain on the top of the mountain.

    Mijuku Raikou: wait, *blocks them* there could be traps. LIGHTNING PURGE, *he jams his sword in the ground, as red and yellow lightning charges out of his sword, out of the ground came several apparitions, ghosts as you would call them and they evaporated into the air. Dude, you coulda gotten your souls sucked out.... actually I kinda wanna see that happen hehe...

    Nenshou Iyoku: *twitching*

    Kaika Kyohaku: *grabs Nenshou's shirt and starts shaking him* DON'T BE SUCH A DAMN BABY, *she trips on a rock and falls over on top of Nenshou, they both realize their lips are about a centimeter away*

    Nenshou Iyoku: *blushes* uummm

    Myou Sangai: hmm, from the positions you two are currently locked in, it looks like you are about to undergo sexual inter-


    Kaika Kyohaku: *slaps Nenshou and stands up, blushing* come on lets go

    Mijuku Raikou: *Falls back with Nenshou* why dont you just ask her out she is one ffffiiiiiiiiinnnnneeeee piece of work bro.

    Inner Nenshou: DAMNIT FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME, YES HIGH FIVE DUDE... oh ya i dont exist.. oh well still AWESOME,

    Nenshou Iyoku: I have a p-p-phobia of girls.

    Mijuku Raikou: ........... QUEER

    Nenshou Iyoku: im not gay, im just scared of them

    Mijuku Raikou: When you get back, im gonna give you some money and your gonna take her to a movie damnit -_-.

    Nenshou Iyoku: What does an angel of lightning know about love.

    Mijuku Raikou: If I told you that i have a wife and two sons would you believe me about knowing love.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ......... -_- you win

    Myou Sangai: Hurry you guys catch up, I believe i visualize an object up ahead.


    Myou Sangai: Nerd, what is this "nerd"?

    Kaika Kyohaku: Nenshou is a good example.

    Nenshou Iyoku: Kaika... *gets all down*

    Mijuku Raikou: Dude... she is one cold bitch

    Nenshou Iyoku: waaahhh just let me go home

    Narrator: Suddenly the cavern starts shaking and a giant creature with gray fur, red pointed eyes, and claws dipped in green acid comes flying out of the cavern ahead straight at them.

    Myou and Mijuku: Both of you stay behind us. *they charge towards the creature and stab it directly in the legs.


    Creature: .... *snickers* *the creature knocks Myou and Mijuku back onto the wall* you think, a little stab is going to stop Hyu-Kon-Sou, the Gaurdian of the Emerald Blade.

    Mijuku Raikou: *covers nose* I dont care about the sword just cover your damn mouth, WOAH how long has it been since you brushed your tee-

    Hyu-Kon-Sou: SILENCE, mortals, you have entered my tomb, and as the order of the gaurdians go, whoever sees us, must perish.

    Mijuku Raikou: Dude finish up your speech, monday night football starts in two hours.

    Nenshou Iyoku: Your thinking about football at a time like this...... i might as well write my name on a tomb stone... hey is that The Emerald Sword, *he walks past the creature while it is talking and grabs the sword* Wow, this things lighter than i expec- *suddenly Emerald wings sprout out of Nenshou's back*

    Hyu-Kon-Sou: *turns around* FOOL YOU HAVE DISTURBED THE SWORDS RESTING PLACE, PREPARE TO PERISH. *charges toward Nenshou*

    Nenshou Iyoku: Say-La-Vi bitch *he slices the sword and a green wave of energy sparkling of the stalagmites of emeralds in the cave, slices Hyu-Kon-Sou in half.

    Hyu-Kon-Sou: Heh, the other gaurdians, ones that are much better than me, will know about this, and they will make yo-

    Mijuku Raioku: *picks up the body takes it outside and throws it off of the mountain, then comes back inside* ......... did anyone think that was too short of a battle?

    Nenshou Iyoku: *his wings receed into his back* may we please get back to the fact that A PAIR OF WINGS JUST FUCKING CAME OUTTA MY BACK.

    Myou Sangai: Coming from the back.... hhmmm its like the man and woman in the girls gone w-

    Nenshou Iyoku: MYOU WHY WONT YOU SHUT UP.

    Kaika Kyohaku: .... ok, i need a massage. *collapses*

    End of Chapter 6

    Look Forward to Chapter 7

    Wings of Darkness Chapter 6 Newnarutocopy

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