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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 5

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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 5 Empty Wings of Darkness Chapter 5

    Post by DarkZX on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:22 pm

    Chapter 5: The Emerald Serpent

    Narrator: After aquiring the sword of eternal night, they head off toward the Himilaya's for a clue that might lead them to Myou's creators ruins.

    Myou Sangai: Finally, after 6 hours and 22 minutes of constant aerial altitude we are finally here, lets go and rest in that cave.

    Nenshou Iyoku: GOOD GOD GET ME DOWN

    Kaika Kyohaku: aaawww is it already over, damn -_-

    Narrator: They land within the cave and Nenshou takes out a flashlight. It is a large chasym lined with glowing emeralds as far as the eye can see, glistening along with encrusted ruby's within them.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ............. our resting spot could make us billionares, oh the irony.

    Kaika Kyohaku: quiet

    Nenshou Iyoku: *gulp* y-yes s-sir

    Kaika Kyohaku: *Grabs Myou and Nenshou*, cmon already I really wanna see whats at the end of this cool ca-

    Narrator: Right in front of them is a giant worm with no eyes or mouth but has a pointed snout that had emeralds at the tip of it, it was glistening through a large hole at the top of the room.

    Myou Sangai: Is this the "irony" that you speak of.

    Narrator: Suddenly the worm charges towards them at the speed of a bullet, Myou lunges up and takes out the sword and clashes with the beast, sparks are flying everywhere lighting up the cave making the jewl's gleam with beacons of green light.

    Kaika Kyohaku: Wow so awesome *takes a couple pictures* *notices something is on her leg* hhmmm *looks down and sees Nenshou quivering on her leg.

    Nenshou Iyoku: S-s-ss-av-vv-v-e m-m-me

    Kaika Kyohaku: -_- damnit why must i suffer so

    Myou Sangai: Your program has been terminated beast, HELLS STORM RAMPAGE *suddenly flames of red and shadow come out of the sword and encase the worm, incinerating it and turning it into one giant mass of emeralds.

    Nenshou Iyoku: YAY *jumps up and accidently rips off Kaika's jeans*

    Myou Sangai: ..... Is this a time where i would say, nice job jackass?

    Kaika Kyohaku: *blushing horribly* NENSHOU FUCKING IYOKU WHEN IM THROUGH WITH YOU *marches towards nenshou and starts kicking him in the groin repeatedly*

    Myou Sangai: *picks up ripped jeans* *sows them back together using the sword and sliced emeralds* Are these back to your liking Ms. Kyohaku?

    Kaika Kyohaku: *looks at the jeans* THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME *notices how the emeralds are lined up on her jeans and they are black and shiny* *puts them on* thanks Myou.

    Myou Sangai: It is no problem but *points* he is grabbing his groin and screaming in pain.... should we lend aid to him?

    Kaika Kyohaku: I want him to remember that for a long time Myou, a LONG time -_-'

    Myou Sangai: Alright, let us now set up our small camping province

    Narrator: As the three of them set up the camp, Nenshou could not help but wonder why Kaika was bieng so nice to Myou, after all he has known her for 8 years and she is rarely ever nice.

    Nenshou Iyoku: Hey Kaika.

    Kaika Kyohaku: What is it?

    Nenshou Iyoku: Why are you bieng so nice to Myou when you have never been nice to me.

    Kaika Kyohaku: *face turns red* *walks up to Nenshou* ..... *hits him on the back of the head*

    Nenshou Iyoku: What th- *is knocked out*

    Myou Sangai: He has collapsed, we must perform CPR immediatly.

    Kaika Kyohaku: *face still red* no hes fine, he just wont remember the last 10 minutes

    Myou Sangai: *finishes setting up camp* aahhh *takes off shirt and uses it to wipe the sweat off his face* thats better, so how long until we leave for the mountain.

    Kaika Kyohaku: *face heats up again* uuuhhh tommorow, lets rest for today heheheh *storms out of the cave*

    Myou Sangai: *throws Nenshou over his shoulder and follows Kaika*

    Narrator: After Nenshou finally wakes up, the three of them decided to take a breather so they went into another nearby cave and they are setting up for a rest.

    Nenshou Iyoku: *takes out laptop* ..... why the hell am I getting a signal all the way out here.

    Myou Sangai: Maybe its those girls gone wild videos on your hard dr-

    Nenshou Iyoku: SHUT UP!!!!!!!

    Kaika Kyohaku: *sigh* -_- pervert

    Myou Sangai: *takes out a bag of candy* Thank you to you Kaika for the bag of delectable treats.

    Kaika Kyohaku: Please just call it candy, we really dont use those kind of words anymore.

    Nenshou Iyoku: *his computer makes a ding sound* wow i just got an email..... its from...... oh dear lord theres a bar right up the next hill.

    Myou Sangai: Alcoholic beverages should taste good, especially ale.

    Kaika Kyohaku: Wait, what time period are you from again?

    Myou Sangai: I was created in 1947, my serum was created at exactly 5:49 AM then forgotten until now.

    Kaika Kyohaku: ..... if you were a bottle how would you know about alcohol.

    Myou Sangai: My creator uploaded into my genetic code a personality trait, what i like and what i do not like all except for factors of love and sexual compatibility are predetermined in my genetic engineering.

    Nenshou Iyoku: .... ummmm Myou people generally don't say those kinda things anymore, now come on lets go to that bar im freezing my ass off

    Kaika Kyohaku: Alright.....

    Narrator: So they go to the bar which is about a half mile down the mountain path, they walk in the door and find to their suprise a character with silver wings that radiate against the sunlight like so many fires of hell, and clear silverline hair that glistened off the evening snow.

    Myou Sangai: ....... Another creation *takes out sword* PREPARE YOURSELF *rushes towards the "creation" in the bar.

    Kaika Kyohaku: *puts hand on face* damnit hes such an idiot.

    Narrator: Myou suddenly stops mid charge, he realizes that the angel is not going to fight with him.

    Angel: WASSUP DUDE, im Mijuku Raikou, the angel of lightning. It seems you must be Myou the Angel of Darkness.

    Both Nenshou and Kaika: ...... idiots -_-.

    Mijuku Raikou: yahoo finally, ive been bored outta my effin' mind man, mind if I come with you guys. Oooo a pretty lady, *goes and kisses Kaikas hand* and to whom do I have the pleasure of bieng aquainted to?

    Nenshou Iyoku: Mijuku shes never gon-

    Kaika Kyohaku: IM KAIKA, I like skulls, bunnies, black jeans, beating up Nenshou over there, pizza and video games ^_^.

    Mijuku Raikou: Now you are my kinda girl.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ...... oh damnit Kaika what are you doing -_-

    Kaika Kyohaku: Shut up girls gone wild boy.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ..... Myou you have no idea how badly you have just messed up my life -_-.

    Mijuku Raikou: Now come on Nenshou dont be a fuckity fuck have some fun and relax for once man. Well come on, im ready to go, are you guys ready to go?

    Nenshou Iyoku: but we just got he-

    Kaika Kyohaku: OK, come on lets go.

    Nenshou Iyoku: .... wahhhhhhhhh *hits head against the wall* WHY ME WHY ME DAMNIT WWWHHHYYY MMEEEEE

    End of Chapter 5

    Look Forward to Chapter 6

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