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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 4

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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 4 Empty Wings of Darkness Chapter 4

    Post by DarkZX on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:21 pm

    Chapter 4: The Nightmare Blade:

    Narrator: Flying 3,000 feet in the sky, Myou, Kaika, and unwillignly Nenshou are heading towards the first destination that Myou is taking them.

    Myou Sangai: Should i slow down to lower velocity rates?


    Nenshou Iyoku: *fainted holding onto Kaika*

    Myou Sangai: *utterly stops*

    Nenshou Iyoku: *wakes up* MOMMY DONT HURT ME

    Kaika Kyohaku: .......... idiot *slaps Nenshou upside the head*

    Nenshou Iyoku: ooowwwww, *rubs cheek*

    Myou Sangai: We have arrived at our destination.

    Kaika Kyohaku: hehe, you sound like a flight attendant.

    Myou Sangai: Flight attendant? Please explain what the "Flight Attendant" is later, for now we have reached our destination *all go down into the sewer hole below them.

    Narrator: They walk for several hours telling some good jokes, making fun of Myou's lack of knowledge and Nenshou bieng *accidently pushed* by Kaika into the sewer water 6 times.

    Myou Sangai: Please tell me what is this, "television" you speak of?

    Kaika Kyohaku: Its where you watch stuff, but theres also some really bad stuff on TV as well.

    Myou Sangai: Ahh so that is what those strange device's were, i saw on Nenshou's cabniet a Digital Video Disc that said Playboy Girls Gon-

    Nenshou Iyoku: MYOU SHUT THE FUCK UP

    Kaika Kyohaku: ............. *cracks knuckles*

    Nenshou Iyoku: *backs away* he was joking Kaika, honest... HONEST!!!!

    Kaika Kyohaku: YOU LONELY *punches Nenshou in the face* PLAYER!!!!!

    Myou Sangai: We are here *points to a giant temple*.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ...... *rubbing nose* a japanese temple in the middle of a sewer...... boy what the fuck have i gotten myself into...

    Kaika Kyohaku: Come on Nenshou, Myou is already at the temple gate.

    Narrator: The gatekeeper lead the team of three into the main chambers, in which there was a stone with a impression of a large 4 foot long sword.

    Myou Sangai: At last...... *walks up to the sword impression and breaks the glass* hu-yuf-met-kit-nonu *the sword starts glowing and slowly a black sword appears there* Behold, a true wonder to the eye *picks up the sword* The sword of eternal night, able to conjur masses of dark storms, summon unlimited forges of the undead....

    Narrator: As Myou continued to list the swords powers, Nenshou was taking a nap on the pillar and Kaika was killing soldiers... on her handheld game console.

    Myou Sangai: .... and thats all of the wonders of the sword of eternal night... What do you think

    Nenshou Iyoku: *mumbling in his sleep* of course Kaika i can please your desires.

    Kaika Kyohaku: ........ Myou mind if you make him into one of the undead.

    Myou Sangai: .... *snickers*

    End of Chapter 4

    Look Forward to Chapter 5

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