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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 1 (An Old Fanfiction I Made)

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    Wings of Darkness Chapter 1 (An Old Fanfiction I Made) Empty Wings of Darkness Chapter 1 (An Old Fanfiction I Made)

    Post by DarkZX on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:18 pm

    WARNING, the following story contains extremely harsh language and descriptions. If you do not want to read such things, then please do not read this. Thank you.

    This is an old fanfiction that I made around 4 - 5 years ago, it's extremely nostalgic so I decided to repost it.

    Chapter 1 Prolouge:

    Narrator: ...... so cold, the air of the russian war zone..... its like a massive blanket of darkness has put earth into a large ice age and left the inhabitants for dead.... Families on the streets, crying, praying, hoping for an end to the war...

    Narrator: .... 1947, TRVC Camp, Moscow, Russia


    Private Sinbad: um-um co-co poral if i may sir, its still only 94% complete, the concoction is still missing some key data, without this data the serum would just evapoate into the cold degraded air.

    Corporal Vin'bruten: *slams hand on the table knocking pencils over and sending papers skyrocketing across his workspace* YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO COMPLETE THE SERUM MAGGOT, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR.

    Private Sinbad: But s-sir i need at least a we-

    Corporal Vin'Bruten: DOOO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!!!!!!

    Private Sinbad: *gulp* yes sir... *hangs head low*

    Corporal Vin'Bruten: Good, i expect to see results then... good night maggot *Corporal walks out*

    Private Sinbad: DAMNIT, they wont listen, i need at least a week to finish the serum.... hhmmm what if i skipped the process. *runs toward his table of chemicals, lined with bottles and vials all the way from one side of the tent to the other* yes.. this will work just fine *picks up a vial filled with a silver liquid and walks back to the other table* if i use this i can speed up the proccess *pours the silver liquid into the serum and seals the lid* THERE, now i just need to input the data into the computer and


    *his tent is blown clean off the contaminated nuclear soil*

    American Soldier: DONT MOVE DIRTBAG

    Private Sinbad: please, please dont touch my chemical's i-i'l do anything

    American Soldier: YOU HAVE 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 *snickers* times up scum *pulls the trigger*

    Chapter 1: Darkness is concocted...

    Narrator: Tokyo, Japan 2017 exactly 70 years after the incident...

    Nenshou Iyoku: ugh how long do i have to watch this museum tour about the damn cold war, seriously its called B-O-R-I-N-G A-S F-U-C-K, *sighs* well its another hour before i get to go back to my home.

    Narrator: Nenshou Iyoku, the young prodigy of 16, his name means burning desire, even though hes the exact opposite, lazy, has "girlphobia", and streaking red hair as deep as the fires of hell.

    Nenshou Iyoku: I mean seriously i learned this stuff in sixth grade, why the hell do i have to listen to it again, im in 10th grade now.

    *walks into the war zone exhibit with the other people taking the tour*

    Nenshou Iyoku: Whoop de doo a bunch of tents, woop woop, calling the boring committee i think we have one bored as hell student coming your way *sigh*.

    *notices something on the ground*

    Nenshou Iyoku: hhmm, did this roll out from the exhibit *picks it up* woah, maybe this wasnt such a boring trip after all. *looks at the serum vial filled with a silvery-red liquid*. hhhmmmm, *puts the vial in the pocket*, heh this place blows im going home, *sneaks off out of the museum*.

    Narrator: His apartment was one that he lives within alone, his parents are both traveling workers, so they send him money to support the apartment.

    Nenshou Iyoku: *locks door* ahh lets see what this son of a bitch can tell us now shall we...

    Nenshou Iyoku: *connects serum to a wire* *types on a computer* what the... this... this isnt right, what the hell is this, what the hell were they trying to create. Wait, my program says this is an incomplete serum, it still needs... Hydrogen Pyroxide? I clean my ears with that shit, and they were using it in the damn cold war? *sigh* *runs to bathroom and gets Hydrogen Pyroxide out of his cabniet* ..... what will happen if this serum is completed... i better wear a mask, just in case it creates a poison. *Opens drawer and puts on breathing mask* *takes out small spoon* alright.... here i go....

    *pours a teaspoon of Pyroxide into the serum*

    Nenshou Iyoku: .............. what th- *suddenly the serum explodes and fills the room with smoke, sending Nenshou careening into the wall* fuck.......

    ???: ...... where, where am I.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ............ *backs into a corner* WHOS THERE, *the smoke clears* ..... what... what are you.

    Narrator: A tall dark figure with dark wings that span the length of a small car, and eyes as black as the midnight sky.

    ???: ........ I..... I am Myou.... myou sangai... the angel of darkness

    Nenshou Iyoku: great, now i want to now HOW THE HELL AN ANGEL JUST APPEARED IN MY DAMN BEDROOM!!!

    Myou Sangai: .......... what is the time period we are currently enacting in.

    Nenshou Iyoku: uuhhhh 2017?

    Myou Sangai: ........... My Creator, where is he.

    Nenshou Iyoku: ummm *remembers where he found the vial* i think your creator is dead...

    Myou Sangai: .............

    Narrator: Why was the vial in the exhibit, why was Myou born, why, why, why is a word that is on everyones minds......

    End of Chapter 1

    Look Forward to Chapter 2

    Wings of Darkness Chapter 1 (An Old Fanfiction I Made) Newnarutocopy

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