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    The New Banner (And How I Made It)

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    The New Banner (And How I Made It) Empty The New Banner (And How I Made It)

    Post by DarkZX on Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:51 pm

    The New Banner:
    The New Banner (And How I Made It) DragonbornSanctuarycopy

    Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
    Size: 925 (Width) x 225 (Height)
    Personal Satisfaction: Very High Razz

    The PSD document at a glance: (Right click the image and click "Open Image In New Tab" [or something similar to that depending on the browser you are using], to see the layers)
    The New Banner (And How I Made It) WithinThePSD

    How I Made It + Approximate Times (Not Exact Times, Just Estimations):

    Step 1: Make a new PSD document.
    Step 2: Put the render (the dragonborn character) in the center
    Step 3: Adjust the saturation level and hue of the render
    Step 4: Type Out Dragonborn Sanctuary Text
    Step 5: Slightly blur text to make it moldable with the effects
    Step 6: Insert Circular shape around render
    Step 7: Start inserting starry effects via brushes on left side of circle
    Step 8: Start inserting smudge effects via brushes on right side of circle
    Step 9: Adjust the saturation level and hue of both sides of the circle
    Step 10: Add cloud backdrop over the entire image
    Step 11: Set cloud backdrop behind render and apply linear dodge
    Step 12: Make 7 black squares each 300 x 300 in size
    Step 13: Put 7 to 8 dots inside each square
    Step 14: Add a light source to each square to make certain dots brighter and certain dots weaker
    Step 15: Resize certain dots and remove light source from some of them
    Step 16: Blur certain dots
    Step 17: Adjust hue and saturation of all the dots to match the color scheme
    Step 18: Duplicate render
    Step 19: Erase the human part of the render and keep the second flame part
    Step 20: Apply color dodge and keep it behind the main render to help bolster the flames more
    Step 21: Add space backdrop to outside of circle to create a starry effect.
    Step 22: Duplicate cloud backdrop
    Step 23: Flip cloud duplicate and apply color dodge
    Step 24: Move it to left side of the outside of the circle
    Step 25: Add in lightning effects
    Step 26: Flip lightning according to each side
    Step 27: Apply blur effects to the edge of some of the lightning bolts
    Step 28: Change hue and saturation to match the banner.
    Step 29: Put lightning behind the clouds so it seems as though they are emerging from the clouds.
    Step 30: Apply shadow effects throughout the banner.
    Step 31: Paste the banner onto one layer
    Step 32: Apply small amounts of topaz
    Step 33: Add a small light source scattered throughout the bottom of the banner.
    Step 34: Blur the sides of the armors of the render
    Step 35: Add the border.

    And that... is how I made this banner.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    I hope you guys like it!

    The New Banner (And How I Made It) Newnarutocopy

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