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    Official Dragonborn Sanctuary Rules

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    Official Dragonborn Sanctuary Rules Empty Official Dragonborn Sanctuary Rules

    Post by DarkZX on Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:35 am

    The Official Dragon Sanctuary Rules


    Rules - Category - Content:

    Section 1: Posting Content

    Rule #1: No Graphically Explicit Content of Any Kind
    This is including but not limited to:
    -Pornographic Videos/Pictures
    -Hentai Videos/Pictures
    -Pictures or Videos depicting Rape, Torture, Beastiality, and Fetishes.

    Rule #2: No Stealing Content of Any Kind

    Section 2: General Rules

    Rule #1: No Advertising Anything At Any Time
    -This Includes Other Clans, Forums, Websites and Other Services.

    Rule #2: No Hacking, Warez, or Hazing
    -This Includes Threats of Any Kind, Keygens, Password and Account Giveaways, Spreading of Personal Information that the owner doesn't want spread.

    Rule #3: No trolling/spamming.
    -You may not troll other members, or post pointless spam posts and/or pointless posts consisting of only a meme. Such as posting " Y U NO..." Or " FOREVERALONE.JPG!"

    Rule #4: Be respectful to all members, staff or not.
    -You must be respectful and polite to all the members of this forum, even if they are not staff.

    Rule #5: Each sub-forum has its own rules.
    -You are to follow these rules, as well as the general rules posted here. Breaking either set of rules will result in a ban anywhere from a week, to a perm ban depending on the severity.

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