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    Red - End of Silence [Album Review]

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    Red - End of Silence [Album Review] Empty Red - End of Silence [Album Review]

    Post by DarkZX on Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:18 am

    End of Silence by Red

    Reviewed by DarkZX on June 26th 2011

    Album Artwork:
    Red - End of Silence [Album Review] Red-end-of-silence
    Genre - Melodic / Metal / Hard Rock / Acoustic / Classical

    Music Staff:

    Michael Barnes - lead vocals, lyrics
    Anthony Armstrong - lead guitar, backing vocals
    Jasen Rauch - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
    Randy Armstrong - bass, piano, backing vocals
    Hayden Lamb - drums, percussion

    Additional musicians
    Anthony LaMarchina - Cello
    Matt Walker - Cello
    Bernie Herms - Composer, performer, piano, string arrangements
    Steve Brewster - Drums, Performer
    Jim Grosjean - Viola
    Monisa Angell - Viola
    Kris Wilkinson - Viola
    David Angell - Violin
    David Davidson - String Arrangements, Violin
    Mary Kathryn Van Osdale - Violin
    Pamela Sixfin - Violin
    Artwork and design
    Stephanie McBrayer - Art Direction, stylist
    Tim Parker - Art direction, design
    Robin Geary - Hair stylist, make-up
    Kristin Barlowe - Photography
    Production and recording
    Rob Graves - Audio production, composer, digital editing, engineer , piano, producer, programming
    Ben Grosse - Mixing
    Ted Jensen - Mastering
    Heather Hetzler - A&R
    Milan Jilek - Assistant engineering
    Fred Paragano - Digital editing, drum engineering, assistant engineering
    Jason McArthur - Composer, executive producer
    Jason Fowler - Management

    Introduction: This album has been my favorite album since 2006, I first heard it three days after it came out, a friend had recommended it to me. Now, I listen to songs from this album every time I go to bed. It's the most beautifully crafted masterpiece I have ever heard in my life. I may be a big fan of Black Veil Brides, but they will never top Red. What stands out in this band (and this album) from other bands, is the fact that the vocalist is absolutely breathtaking and the instruments don't seem like instruments... you don't listen to this music, you feel it. I don't think I have ever heard of a band that can top the emotion that Red gives. Anyways, this is my full review of this album, let's dive into each of the individual tracks.

    Song Titles:

    No. Title Length
    1. "Intro (End of Silence)" 0:58
    2. "Breathe Into Me" 3:34
    3. "Let Go" 5:15
    4. "Already Over" 4:24
    5. "Lost" 5:15
    6. "Pieces" 5:58
    7. "Break Me Down" 4:14
    8. "Wasting Time" 3:21
    9. "Gave It All Away" 3:13
    10. "Hide" 5:24
    11. "Already Over, Pt. 2" 5:12
    12. "Lost (Acoustic Version)" 4:29

    Track 1: Intro (End of Silence):
    A small short and soft piano intro, it gets faster as it nears the end and then picks up and leads into the second track "Breathe Into Me". Very nice musically, however it's just an intro and the rest of the albums on the track stand out far more.
    Track Rating: 8.5/10 (Very Good)

    Track 2: Breathe Into Me:
    Oh man does this song bring back some great memories. I made an animated music video (AMV) with this song a while ago. Anyways, this is one of the harder songs on the track. Great vocals, nice occasional screams. However I do find the guitar and drums to be a bit simple and repetitive. Still a great song though. Worth listening to. The lyrics are pretty nice as well.
    Track Rating: 8.7/10 (Very Good)

    Track 3: Let Go:
    Probably the hardest song on the album. And one of the best ones as well. It starts out with some nice guitar leading into a bit of a chug followed by Michael's grinding vocals. It's amazing how he can change his voice to fit so many different emotions. What I particularly like about this song, is how at the end it slowly goes from the hard rock into a violin sequence and then fades out with that. The lyrics are be interpreted in many ways, but they all mean one thing, letting go of a harmful influence. Whether it be a person, object, addiction or anything, and they stand out, it's very motivational. Another great song.
    Track Rating: 9.2/10 (Amazing)

    Track 4: Already Over:
    Another song that I made an animated music video (AMV) with. However this song is far better than Breathe Into Me in my opinion. You may have heard this song, as it did get a bit of internet fame. The combination of piano, violins and drums is what makes this song stand out the most. The vocals are great as usual, I can't find any way to improve this song, however I wish the guitar work could have just been little more complex, but it's great the way it is. The lyrics go along with the song perfectly. Along with this, I love how the guitars and the violin were intertwined during the chorus, one of the most recommended on the album.
    Track Rating: 9.3/10 (Amazing)

    Track 5: Lost:
    Features some of the best vocals on the album. However I feel the instruments lag a bit behind in this song, EXCEPT for the violins and the guitar. The drums and base seem rather behind. Nevertheless it's worth listening to.
    Track Rating: 8.1/10 (Very Good)

    Track 6: Pieces:
    Strings, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Violin. This is what this song consists of... and this is why it's so damn amazing. My second favorite track on the album. It starts off with a slow piano intro mixed with violin. Then goes into an acoustic guitar measure which is also accompanied by the violin, and eventually his vocals. This song has some of the most meaningful lyrics I have ever heard. You can really tell when he sings, he's not just singing for the hell of it, he really feels it. If you're down, listen to this song, it will cheer you up.
    Track Rating: 9.6/10 (Absolutely Amazing)

    Track 7: Break Me Down:
    Another one of the heavier songs on the album. Starts off with a slow intro but the the guitars immediately kick in. This song has something that more bands need to do. Guitar / Violin break downs. While Red isn't a Post Hardcore band, there is a bit of a break down influence in this song, but they take what is common in the genre and fuel it with adrenaline pumping violins, vocals and guitars. The drums are pretty good in this song as well. Also, the lyrics are some of the best on the album, if you feel as if you are being oppressed by something, listen to this song, you'll feel powerful in an instant. Great song.
    Track Rating: 9.1/10 (Amazing)

    Track 8: Wasting Time:
    This song and Gave It All Away are essentially somewhat the same. Really catchy guitars, the lack of violins and classical instruments on this song really stands out. However the piano is still in here in abundance which is still nice.
    Track Rating: 8.3/10 (Very Good)

    Track 9: Gave It All Away:
    See Wasting Time Review. (Although this song has more piano and better vocals)
    Track Rating: 8.5/10 (Very Good)

    Track 10: Hide:
    This is the only song that I have ever reviewed in my life that I have ever given a perfect 10/10 to. It has been my favorite song ever since I heard it back in 2006. This song just seems light years ahead of the rest of the album. They outdid themselves, amazing lyrics, amazing vocals, the guitar, drums, and classical instruments flow together. The chorus is amazing, this song has so many individual parts, it's like listening to a complete and total life time in the span of five and a half minutes. The violin and piano are almost always with the guitar in this song, which make it even better. Along with a lot of other unique sounds. Including echoing pianos and violins, slow drum solos, vocal harmonies. This song has it all. As the song's harder part starts to come to an end, it closes out with Michael's well timed scream, which seems so melodic it's unreal. The internal conflicts and external conflicts he was portraying in this song were absolutely spectacular. The song then closes with a beautiful piano intro which always calms me down no matter what's going on. All in all, this is one of the most beautiful, amazing and elaborate pieces of art that I have ever had the fortune to listen to, and it is easily my most recommended song on the album, if you're just going to listen to one song off this album, listen to "Hide", you won't regret it.
    Track Rating: 10/10 (Perfect)

    Track 11: Already Over, Pt. 2.:
    Almost the same song as Already Over, however it's much slower, and it's acoustic. Another great song to listen to when you need to relax, however I think "Pieces" is a much better song than this one.
    Track Rating: 8.8/10 (Very Good)

    Track 12: Lost (Acoustic):
    Nearly the same song as Lost as well, however Violins are abundant, and this version I believe is nearly up to par with the actual version, however as I said before, I feel that "Pieces" outclasses this song in most ways.
    Track Rating: 8.0/10 (Very Good)

    Overall Album Rating:
    8.84 (Very Good)

    Final Words:
    This was their debut album, and will always have a special place for me. When and if I have kids, I am going to show them this album, and I hope that it will have the same effect on them as it did on me. This is and will always be an absolutely amazing piece of art...

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